incl: JUAN ZOLBARAN remix

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      Yumane - Attractive Root EP
      Incl: Juan Zolbaran remix
    • Hermine Records [HERMR023]
      Release Date : 10/07/2014

    • 1) Yumane - Attractive Root (Original Mix)
      2) Yumane - Attractive Root (Juan Zolbaran Remix)
      3) Yumane - Attractive Root (Aquarium Dub Mix)
    • 4) Yumane - Talkin' Through Groove (Original Mix)

    • Digital

    • Artwork by Franco Yannelli


      Copyright © Hermine Records 2011-2014
      Contact & Licensing :



    Tapa Disco


Listen the Complete Release here :

Yumane - Attractive Root EP [Hermine Records 023] - DIGITAL by Hermine Records


Feedbacks :

Name: Lockhart
Feedback: Très bonne production.
Un petit faible pour le \"Aquarium Dub Mix\" malgré tout.

Name: Guido
Feedback: Some very nice deep grooves..

Name: rhadow
Feedback: attractive root for me. thx

Name: Martin Bellomo
Feedback: buen ep, profundo con un gusto a dub interesante.

Name: Sascha Barth
Feedback: Like the relaxed summer Vibe of the both original track.

Name: Anderson Noise
Feedback: thanks for the music

Name: gato ficcardi
Feedback: gracias wally. love you

Name: Ivankof
Feedback: Good EP!!

Name: Ghigo
Feedback: juan zolbaran for me!

Name: Matt N`Dub
Feedback: Amazing vibes in this pack..!! Full Support..!! Thx!!

Name: Andres
Feedback: Full Support!!!

Name: San Holo
Feedback: originals are great

Name: Nacho Casco
Feedback: Good Work! thx

Feedback: Talkin\' Through for me. Thanks crew!

Name: someone else
Feedback: very nice. 1 and 3 are mostly for me.

Name: Adrian Andrea
Feedback: Superbe EP! All tracks are great, but my favourite is Talkin\' through. Thanks alot, full support!

Name: dallomo
Feedback: original for me!

Name: Thomas D.T
Feedback: Good songs, vibes, hamornies. Excelent EP

Name: Ale Castro
Email: alecastroinfo
Feedback: thanks! juan zolbaran rmx.

Name: DED
Feedback: GOOD GOOD !!

Name: ian tribb
Feedback: Good ep good groove goo music!

Name: fran Garcia
Feedback: Muy buen trabajo .

Name: Kellerkind
Feedback: sounds cool, thanks

Name: He did
Feedback: thnks! will try all

Name: Duky
Feedback: talkin through groove is awesome! thanks

Name: Pauze
Feedback: Dope EP!

Name: juangora

Name: daniela cast
Feedback: really good sound, like the atmosphere... deep dark and nice.
nice style !! SUPPORT!!!

Name: Gianni Ruocco
Feedback: Nice Ep thx!

Name: Omar Boubess
Feedback: original and juan zolbaran remix ! full support

Name: marco carola
Feedback: downloading for marco carola, thanks

Name: Denis A
Feedback: nice release

Name: Hassan Rassmy
Feedback: Very Nice EP, full support.

Name: jay west
Feedback: good stuff!

Name: Jessica Diaz
Feedback: Nice release. Thanks!

Name: Merlyn martin
Feedback: The original is nice, thx!

Name: Synkrone
Feedback: Original and edit for me, full support for my dear friend Yumane!!!

Name: Alex ElVíl
Feedback: Excellent EP! Very Nice work! Thanks for Sharing

Name: Mikalogic
Feedback: Downloading for Mikalogic, thanks!

Name: juan zolbaran
Feedback: always is great when i working with hermine , thx for your trust

Name: GREG J
Feedback: exellent !!

Name: Michael Paterson
Feedback: Like this

Name: Nico Bertoni
Feedback: Great groove thanks for send me

Name: Yanee
Feedback: nice ep! thanks!

Name: Dio S
Feedback: Very nice pack. thanx!!!

Name: elio riso
Feedback: not for me , thanks

Name: Victoria Engel
Feedback: Nice EP! Attractive Root (original mix) is the one for me ! Thanks for share!

Name: Monik Zdan
Feedback: Excellent track Attractive Root the original mix is beautiful.

Name: Hans Tavera
Feedback: Support!

Name: glamsessions
Feedback: Un lujo

Name: sebastian olano
Feedback: good works , thanks

Name: MrCenzo
Feedback: Nice work here,Feeling \"Talkin\" the most here...

Feedback: Good release!

Name: TLEC
Feedback: Diggin Aquarium dub!

Name: Gui S.D
Feedback: Talking through for me!

Name: Quentin Schneider
Feedback: Belle sortie encore une fois ! Bien deep, parfait pour mes warm up... CIMER !

Name: Topo
Feedback: Original mix for me

Name: Anthony Pappa
Feedback: Cool EP. The best mix is the \"Original Mix\" and l will support it. Thanks.

Name: Sanchez Gonzalo
Feedback: Full Support, thanks! Juan Zolbaran Remix it´s my fovourite.

Name: Pretty Criminals
Feedback: Really like the original, will give it a try this weekend.

Name: Collective Machine
Feedback: Nice release as usual from this label! thx!

Feedback: excellent tune !

Name: Red Beard
Feedback: Talkin is lush and spacey...cool tune

Name: Juan Diego
Feedback: Thanks so much, the tracks are amazing. You have a new fan here. (Cusco - Perú)

Name: Tomas Saenz
Feedback: I like it a lot

Name: richie hawtin
Feedback: downloaded for r hawtin

Name: Paco Maroto
Feedback: Nice EP. Thanks!!

Name: Manuel Sahagun
Feedback: Full support!

Name: Freddy Turner
Feedback: Dope Has Hell

Name: Nick Daring
Feedback: Attractive Root for me, thx.

Name: Marc dB / Iron Horse
Feedback: Yumane - Attractive Root (Juan Zolbaran Remix) is the mix for me.
Only play WAV files

Name: fabio broox & violahaiti
Feedback: amazing music guys!

Name: fabio broox & violahaiti
Feedback: amazing music guys!

Name: Beta Boy (Freaks Radio Show)
Feedback: Excellent deepness here. All the tracks are really good. My choice are 3) Yumane - Attractive Root (Aquarium Dub Mix)
4) Yumane - Talkin\' Through Groove (Original Mix)

Feedback: VERY GOOD!!


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