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    • Nacho Bolognani - Da Change EP
    • Hermine Records [HERMR019]
      Release Date : 10/02/2014

    • 1) Nacho Bolognani - Da Change [07:04]
      2) Nacho Bolognani - Da Change (Jay Bliss remix) [07:19]
      3) Nacho Bolognani - Indemne [07:31]
      4) Nacho Bolognani - Retour [07:28]
    • 5) Nacho Bolognani - Voices [06:46]

    • Digital

    • Artwork by Franco Yannelli


      Copyright © Hermine Records 2011-2013
      Contact & Licensing :



    Tapa Disco


Listen the Complete Release here :

Nacho Bolognani - Da Change EP [Hermine Records 019] by Hermine Records


Feedbacks :

Name: jay west
Feedback: diggin jay bliss remix, thanks!

Name: Richard Belsom (Zeitgeist)
Feedback: Really nice EP this, originals for me.

Name: Roberto Apodaca
Feedback: thank you so much will play all of these

Name: Kolours of Black
Feedback: really nice one!
in love with Jaz bliss Remix!

Name: OR\'L
Feedback: Superbe EP, bien deep ! Merci

Name: Markantonio
Feedback: downloading for Markantonio thanks for the music!!!

Name: Emiliano Ferreyra
Feedback: Da change and indemne are amazing. Thanks !

Name: Facundo Mohrr
Feedback: amazing pack! will play, thanks!

Feedback: super!

Name: Maurizio Vitiello
Feedback: will try retour and voices

Name: Jessica Diaz
Feedback: Nice ep from Nacho, Indemne my fav here. thanks

Name: Anderson Noise
Feedback: downloading thanks

Name: Miguel Garji
Feedback: Indemne is my tracks here.
Support, gracias

Name: Edgar De Ramon
Feedback: Nice release, Retour is my fav, thanks for the music

Name: Yanee
Feedback: Awesome EP as alwalys nacho! \"Retour\" is my fav, full support!

Name: S.K.A.M.
Feedback: thanks

Name: Stanny Franssen
Feedback: Not the style I\'m looking for at the moment. To calm

Name: Luis
Feedback: Amazing Artis Nacho Bologniani.

Name: Jesus Soblechero
Feedback: Nice EP!.. thanks for the promo. support.

Name: Adrian Andrea
Feedback: All tracks are really well produced and good tracks, nice grooves!! My fav here is indemne, but only because it is just a tad more intense than the other tracks, the remix is good too from jay Bliss. Would be nice to see a wally stryk remix in there also!

Name: leon
Feedback: nice ep

Name: Matt N` Dub
Feedback: Amazing job!!! Retour is my pick!!! full support as always!! Thanks!

Name: Paco Maroto
Feedback: Nice. Thanks

Name: sebastian lutz
Feedback: great ep…will play it at cookies tonight!

Name: Chris BC
Feedback: Indemne is for me ! great EP

Name: fernando mesa
Feedback: Really cool release thanks!

Name: Eder Alvarez
Feedback: Retour, Da Changes & Voices for me.
Nice Release thanks

Name: haito
Feedback: da change original is my fav.
retour is deeeep as well, like.

Name: Daniela
Feedback: holi

Name: Matt
Feedback: Great EP!! I feel so good (wally stryk is my pick) full support!! thanks!!

Name: sossa
Feedback: nice...

Name: Mirco Violi
Feedback: nice tracks.downloading.

Name: Ittetsu
Feedback: Da Change for me

Name: Ale Castro a.k.a Rhythm & Substance
Feedback: full support to my buddy Nacho!

Name: richie hawtin
Feedback: downloaded for r hawtin

Name: Danila
Feedback: Awesome!

Name: takashi watanabe
Feedback: amazing EP!
I love all tracks!
really nice groove and clear sound!!
will play it !

Name: John P. /
Feedback: great ep! full support by westradio! thanks

Name: He did
Feedback: nice ep! thnks !!

Name: juan zolbaran
Feedback: bomb ep , nacho es uno de mis productores favoritos hoy dia , arriba!

Name: Deep Mariano
Feedback: All mixes work for me, SOLIDO!

Name: Emmanuel K
Feedback: Nice release thank you!

Name: LondonGround
Feedback: Full support!!! Indemne my fav!

Feedback: Good release. Will play for sure.

Name: Victor Vera
Feedback: Nice Ep! Thanks!

Name: Dj Chito
Feedback: Une fois de plus Hermine me fait découvrir un artiste. Quel bon EP. \"Retour\" et \"Voices\" sont mes tracks préférés.
Merci !

Name: Nico Bertoni
Feedback: Gran groove Nachito como siempre, Cheers!

Name: Edgar De Ramon
Feedback: really nice, as usual, thanks for the music

Name: Leo V
Feedback: Very nice, download!

Name: Rene Sandoval
Feedback: Download, Thanks crew!

Name: brett jacobs
Feedback: Retour is nice.... thx

Name: Ittetsu
Feedback: Nice tunes. will work for warm up.

Name: Adam Touch
Feedback: Nice EP, love all the tracks, Jay Bliss remix the best for me! Thank you!

Name: hanfry martinez
Feedback: nice ep ! thanks

Name: Jun Akimoto
Feedback: Jay Bliss remix for me! thanks!

Feedback: excellent tune bro !

Name: Chad Andrew
Feedback: Very nice EP thanks!

Name: marco carola
Feedback: downloading for marco carola, thanks

Name: Yaya
Feedback: My favorite is Retour, thank you!

Name: rich nxt
Feedback: Retour sounding good as it jay bliss remix!

Name: Pablo Britos
Feedback: Indemne in my set !

Name: memo
Feedback: nice music !! deep tech ready to my bag !

Name: Crocodile Soup
Feedback: Indemne is nice! thx

Name: Mariano Mateljan
Feedback: Lovely thanks!

Name: Manuel Sofia
Feedback: Great stuff, thank you.




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